The Advantages of BNI’s Referral Networking

For over 30 years, BNI has used a simple but elegant philosophy that exemplifies membership, "Givers Gain," or in other words, "what goes around comes around." Business Network International (BNI) is the largest global networking organization with 8,400 local chapters and 233,000 members who last month passed 10,000,000+ referrals worth over $14 billion!  In addition to unparalleled business growth, BNI members develop lasting relationships that allow them to grow personally and professionally utilizing a structured, positive and professional environment that is based integrity and “code-of-ethics” among its members.

BNI’s NYC-based Chapter 3 is one of the fastest growing chapters with $1,000,000+ in referral business passed in 2017. What do we offer that is different and better than other networking groups? An intimate, warm and friendly atmosphere, continuous education and genuine support and caring that is focused on growth. But don’t our word for it, come try us out, visit and experience us for yourself.

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