How to prepare & what to expect during your visit? 

  • Remember: you have to register in advance for the meeting to ensure that there are no professional conflicts. 


Let us first say up front and enthusiastically that we LOVE and WELCOME visitors to our chapter. While visitors come to experience our version of growing your business with a group of professionals that will always have your back and..your future referrals, we would remiss if we didn’t mention that some of the biggest referrals in BNI’s history actually happened between visitors and members - way before they decided to apply.

Here’s the thing: You can work hard or you can smart and by joining the “right” group you are working brilliantly not just smart.

The principle of networking is that the influence of 25-30 members in our chapter reaches way beyond our weekly meetings and 1-2-1 (individual meetings we have with one another in between meetings).

If you are new to networking or BNI, here are the steps we recommend in order for you to not only experience our amazing group but also have a very productive (hint referrals) morning.



Ⅰ.  Plan your visit by reviewing our roster of members. Each ‘seat’ is exclusive and if your professional is identical to one of our member’s call us first!



Ⅱ.  Prepare for your visit and ensure that you have at least 40 business cards and that you’ve rehearsed your Elevator Pitch (see below).



Ⅲ.  Set your alarm (yes, it hurts to ge up early, we all do this because it pays) and double-check our location: Club Quarters Hotel, 40 West 45th closer to 6th Avenue.

사각형 1.png


Ⅳ.  Arrive early and get to know our friendly group. Plan on staying after the meeting.



Your 60-Sec Elevator Pitch is what we call your “commercial”. Don’t sweat this! It’s not an Emmy Award performance.

Simply complete the following:

  • My name is XXX and my company is.
  • I help...describe what you do but mostly the benefit you provide to those who buy/hire from you.
  • Give an example or expand on above. Case studies, a recent success story with details are great.
  • What differentiates me from the competition is… (avoid statements like “I am the best”  or “I take care of my customers”. Speak about what makes you unique as a professional.
  • I am looking to meet...THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Tell us specifically who you want to meet: “I’d like to meet Mr. John Smith who is the Head of HR at Google.” You NEVER KNOW who around the room can introduce you.
  • If you have a tagline for your business you can end with that.