Insurance - Liability/Property/Casualty

Ryan Robbins

(646) 438-9826

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I was born and raised in River Vale, NJ, a small town 30 minutes outside of New York City. After graduating high-school, I attended Indiana University where I received my bachelor’s degree in health administration. After interning at Mount Sinai Hospital department of surgery, I realized this might not be the path I want to take. My father owned a recruiting firm in New York City for 44 years, and my mother sold women’s clothing for 30 years, so I knew sales is in my DNA.

Knowing I wanted to be in sales, and being a caring and protective person, I decided to follow in my uncles footsteps and join his company, Stern Agency, as a property and casualty insurance broker. I hit the ground running right after graduating college, and 6 years later, it looked to be the right choice!