Personal Stylist

Juliet Ragaishis

(917) 887-7708


Juliet Ragaishis is a Senior Managing Partner and Certified Personal Stylist with J.Hilburn Luxury Menswear.   J.Hilburn is a direct to consumer clothier with fabrics sourced from the finest makers in the world.  The garments are delivered to the client at a value that is impossible for the traditional retailer to match.

Juliet is also a J.Hilburn team manager with stylists covering Manhattan, the greater northeast and the Midwest. Her annual team sales are projected to exceed $1.3 million and her personal sales for the year will exceed $150,000.  As a top leader for J.Hilburn nationwide, she focuses on creating a successful environment for her team and upcoming potential leaders.  Juliet also serves on the J.Hilburn NYC leadership committee responsible for operating the first J.Hilburn showroom. 

“After an initial meeting with a client I say, ‘Now how can I help your business?’  Our relationship is not going to be all about the J.Hilburn in their closet.  It’s about how we are both going to propel business forward by the relationships we build.”

Prior to J.Hilburn, Juliet was Director of Conferences and Special Events and Vice President of Marketing with Ambac Assurance Corporation.  In this role she managed trade shows, client signature events, conferences, and corporate branding.

Juliet graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Dietetics and Certificate in Meeting Management.  Juliet lives in Manhattan with her husband and three children.