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Tony Jao

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Investors Bank was established in 1928 and is a true portfolio lender; we do not follow any Fannie Mae or government guidelines for underwriting or building approvals. 

I have been a mortgage lending professional for 15 years now – I have experience in many different aspects of the mortgage industry including underwriting and front-end sales.

My experience gives me a uniquely broad and deep understanding of the process as well as regulation, in turn giving me the fluency to move the process along in an efficient manner.

Because of my experience and reputation, I was recently approached by StreetEasy/Zillow to be their exclusive mortgage lending advisor for New York City, writing articles for the real estate giant’s blog and appearing on panels.

These YouTube links will take to you to a video of that seminar: “Do’s and Don’ts” for first time home buyers – this includes tips that are essential to avoiding mistakes prior to making a home purchase.  In these videos, you will see a roadmap for the process of getting a mortgage and what banks are looking for right now.  2018     2017


Here you can find my blog series: 

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Coop Reviews

 We do a very limited review for coops.

No financials required.

No requirements for number of units sub leased.   (We just closed one on 79th street where 75% of the units we sub leased.)

We allow for one entity to own more than 35% of any coop.   Other banks will only allow 20% max.

Rent Controlled units count as primary.

Condo Reviews

We can close once the project is 25% in contract.

No 10% required on the budget.

Sponsor on established projects can own 35%.