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Zev Asch

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 I learned my first business lesson very early as a young boy, watching the owner of a corner grocery store – my dad – cry when he didn’t have a deli item for one of his customers. He rode his bicycle across town in blistering heat to buy the specialty meat, went to the customer’s apartment building, walked up to the fourth floor, delivered the order and refused to accept payment. For a man who worked over sixteen hours a day to satisfy his customers, failing even one was emotionally devastating. That image has never left me. 

LEDAZA was founded to honor the legacy of my dad's uncompromising devotion to customers and to put into practice what I've learned after spending an entire career in the trenches of the small business world. 

I don't believe in a one-marketing-fits-all approach; instead, my marketing strategy and services are tailored to match your customers needs/wants, emphasize what makes you different and better and assure that you have a tangible/believable competitive edge. 

Add to my broad business experience a solid academic foundation (BA in Psychology and MBA in Marketing), a teaching position as Graduate Marketing Professor of Marketing at Touro Graduate School and a heavy dose of reliable intuition. My qualifications enable me to develop and implement a plan that delivers sustainable growth for your business.

Experience true collaboration and a seasoned and trusted business partner willing to do whatever it takes to help you grow your business.