Don't Sweat it. We've Got You Covered

If you need an excuse for not joining a professional team that will be an extension of your business development efforts, we decided to help out and let you just choose. But we did even better; for each excuse we’ll also give you a reason to rethink it, a way to battle your inner demons and the voice inside your head that will consistently stop you from growing your business.

You’ve heard and read a lot about “getting out of your comfort zone” - that’s not it. It is all about the Lizard Brain, the oldest, most primitive part of our brain knows as the fight vs. flight decision center.

So, here they are, in no particular order, your reasons for not getting up early once a week to improve your life and your business;

  1. “I’m not a morning person.”
    What are you then? A late morning? a mid-day person? A night owl! Here’s a question: If you faced a bad choice of going out of business, not having money to pay the bills, or having to take a minimum-wage job, what you get out of bed at 6 AM to avoid all of that?

  2. “I don’t know or feel comfortable selling.”
    Guess what? Most of us aren’t, at least no the image/reputation of sales that most of us have when we go to buy a car, a mattress of furniture. Leave that type of selling to them. Ours is more a consultative approach and it doesn’t have to be called sales either. Selling so you can avoid some of the scenarios in #1 is not a bad thing. Bad sales reps is a bad thing and we all do our best to avoid them.

  3. “I can’t afford BNI fees.”
    We’re not here to sell you, so here’s how much you have to invest in order to get a shot at having 25+ professional help you grow your business. $499 annual fee, $150 (new member) initiation/set up fee and a quarterly $250 breakfast fee. Total for your first year: $1,650. If you are accepted, you have to spend $910. You know your business and how much a new customer is worth. More importantly, think about what marketers call, The Lifetime Value of a customer - how long they stay with you, repeat business and of course referrals they generate by recommending you. In most industries, one customer’s lifetime value covers you for one year of BNI and in most cases way more.

  4. “I don’t like to speak in public.”
    Yes, getting up in front of 30 people and nailing your 60-seconds elevator pitch is frightening! The fear of public speaking, regardless of the size of the group, is widespread and natural. The difference with BNI3? You’re among friends! We all share this fear and we all support each other. No one is going to laugh, criticize you or never speak to you again if you totally bomb. We’ve been there before, some of us repeat this every week — so what? You’re in a welcoming environment and doing this every week slowly chips away at the fear. And then, one day, when you least expect it, you will nail your presentation in a way that will change your life. We see this with many members, who start shy and afraid and slowly grow and shock us at how far they’ve come.

  5. How do I know I won’t be burnt if I refer a member that fails.”
    You don’t but it’s not a risky gamble. We vet and investigate each new applicant and our membership committee works hard to ensure we onboard only vetted professionals. It is quite rare for us to “miss” and add someone who fails his profession or the high standards we have. But when it happens, we have strict procedures, including removal of a badly behaving member. Like we said, it is rare, it could happen, but the value and benefit you get from 99% of our group far outweighs any unlikely risks.

  6. My business is very unique and tough. I’m not like a lawyer or an insurance rep.”
    Actually, if your business is unique, it would be even easier to refer to you - with the right person and at the right time. No, you won’t get a referral each week but when you do it will make a big difference. It is true that some of our members get referrals at a higher frequency (insurance, dentist, real estate lawyer) but a unique business is easier and more interesting to talk about. You just have to educate us on why your business is unique and the ideal referral you’re looking for.

“I have to commit to one year? That’s a long time.”
You’re right. If you’re expecting to join a group that doesn’t know you and for everyone to work hard on your behalf right away - it won’t happen. There is a process that has been test and proven for many years at BNI3 - a process that requires members to spend time with each other, gain each other’s trust and most importantly, learn about their expertise and how to best present it to potential referrals.

Here’s the thing: membership in BNI3 won’t fix a bad business, save a business from going under, or help launch a brand new business (we only accept members who have been in business). Think of BNI3 as an extension of what is currently working for you - an opportunity to make it better and to grow by having 20+ pros mention YOU when someone they know is looking for your product or service. And the best part, you don’t have to pay commissions for each referral- all you have to do is say, “thank you”, acknowledge the person who just handed you more business and reciprocate at some point.

You see, all the undue pressure you put on yourself by either succumbing to your Lizard Brain or looking for an easy way out to make money, isn’t worth it. We have a proven process that you can benefit from if you’re willing to work hard - get up early once a week, meet your fellow BNI3 members at a convenient time so that both of you can get better at referring each other.

Would you rather get up early to receive a qualified good referral, or spend hours at your desk posting to strangers who rarely if every will actually call you? Is cold-calling better than a referral? Yes, sending emails is “free” but seating around and waiting for email opens, a reply or in rare cases a phone call is unproductive.

We are not looking for a “few good men and women” — we are looking for hard working and motivated members who spend their time on what is possible, not excuses. We are looking for unselfish individual who are willing to give first and gain second. We are looking for team players who draw energy from like-minded professionals, not lone wolves looking for a one-time kill.

What we offer is a support group that is based on continuous learning, friendships that go beyond our weekly meeting and a culture that is based on a WIN-WIN attitude: “You will get all you want in lifeif you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

If we scared you enough to not consider joining us, you’re simply not ready and we don’t judge. If you feel a tang of excitement, if you are ready to challenge yourself (by beating any or all of the above excuses) or if you recognize that working smart is way better than working hard, look for the visitor sign up on this site and come experience something different. You get to visit us a couple of times before you have to make a decision.

Zev Asch